Ink & Spade

I’ve been blogging a long while now, and what I’ve discovered in the process is that the process of discovery is the story of life.  I’ve met so many people, my current employer included, through the simple act of sharing experiences online.

So when my wife and I moved to the country and started a small hand-made goods business from our home, I felt the urge to share our experiences.  We’re new to owning a home in the country, new to “farm life” (rough translation: we don’t know what we’re doing), so much of what you’ll read right now will be discovery for us: beekeeping, raising chickens, planning out the land,growing  and preserving fruits and vegetables.

But I believe in the power of shared stories, and I’m delighted to share the stories from our little homestead in the hopes that it will delight—and possibly even help—others.

Thanks for taking an interest in our journey!

~ Jesse & Jessica

“Gardening is the handiest excuse for being a philosopher. Nobody guesses, nobody accuses, nobody knows, but there you are, Plato in the peonies, Socrates force-growing his own hemlock. A man toting a sack of blood manure across his lawn is kin to Atlas letting the world spin easy on his shoulder.” ~Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine

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