Happy Valentine’s Day…

Let’s come clean… we’re not huge fans of Valentine’s Day. You should be saying “I love you” every day, right? But everyone’s thinking about those expressions of love this time of year, so we thought we’d run with it and make two big announcements.

New Fragrances

We’re introducing two new, limited-time fragrances for Valentine’s Day:

Sweet & Flower: Light, floral scent for women, with undertones of fruit, spice and soft musky vanilla.

Brookside Bergamot: Light, elegant scent for men with mild citrus notes, aquatic mid-notes, and a smooth, woodsy finish.

Personalized Labels

We’re letting you customize the label on any candle you order between now and February 14th. Instead of the fragrance name, we’ll hand-write a personalized message from you on the side of the candle (up to 8 words)—no extra charge. Just leave a note on the checkout page. Every time they light their candle, they’ll see your kind words!

Sweet & Flower Soy Candle


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