Introducing: Holiday Gift Boxes

Holiday Gift Boxes

We’re so excited to share a collaboration we’ve been working on for a while: our new Holiday Gift Boxes.

We teamed up with two other local, women-owned businesses — Sarah Trop from FunCycled and Jessica Leigh Gardner from Solid Grounds Roasters — to create a gift box full of thoughtful and carefully-made goods.

In the box, you’ll find a pound of whole bean, medium roast, Columbian coffee, roasted to perfection by Solid Grounds Roasters in Troy, NY. You’ll also get a 12oz. hand-poured, 100% soy wax candle from Thoughtful Gardner (you can select a fragrance). We’re also including a beautiful, limited edition mug from Funcycled in Troy, NY.

These make lovely gifts — bring a little lightness and joy into someone’s year.

Note: The demand for local goods has been high this season, so our quantities are extremely limited. Don’t wait too long before ordering!

    Let’s All Celebrate Early!

    Autumn Sunset

    For years, Jesse’s had a reputation as a Scrooge at our house because he wouldn’t allow anyone to play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. But this year, he’s had a change of heart. We can safely say that 2020 has been a rough year for all of us, so he’s decided to give up that fight and proclaim loudly: let’s all start the celebrations early this year!

    We’ve got several candles that might help you through the winter ahead, like Autumn on the Hudson — a spicy kick of gingerbread and falling leaves, tamed by the sweet smell of ripe apples and pumpkin pie. We wanted to capture the nostalgic smells of fall — the harvest festivals, the hayrides, the nippy apple picking afternoons — all the things we New Yorkers associate with Autumn.

    It’s a really lovely way to keep harvest-y thoughts alive, even in a bleak 2020 midwinter. (Don’t forget, these candles burn for over 60 hours!)

    A Good Thanksgiving Reminder

    Dear Mom, Dad, Ethan, Elijah, and Elliot, I want you to have a wonderful, terrific, fantastic, super-awesome, Thanksgiving. Spending time with family and eating yummy food is fun, but remember to be thankful for what you have. Love, Anna

    My daughter made us a card for Thanksgiving, and it’s such a good reminder that I couldn’t not share. Words we could all benefit from. #happythanksgiving

    New Labels, New Scents

    New Scents

    We’ve always been proud of our carefully selected fragrance line-up, but we felt like the time was right for mixing things up a bit. We introduced the following new scents:

    • Christmas Thyme: A strong, cinnamon opening note with all sorts of subtle undertones that follow — fresh thyme, bayberries, and a hint of pine needles.
    • Black Currant Tea: A light fragrance carrying hints of sweet black tea and honey, fruity currant, and bright bergamot. A good choice for people who avoid heavily-scented candles or for smaller areas that might benefit from a lighter scent.
    • Honey Bourbon Pear: A sweet, fruity fragrance. The sweetness of fresh pear with subtle hints of sugar and booze.
    • Bergamot + Ginger: A unique fragrance that balances the mellow citrus overtones of bergamot, the sharp accents of fresh ginger, and subtle hints of sandalwood and basil.
    • The Empire State: The quintessential apple smell. And ode to our home state of New York.
    • Peaches + Cream: The thick, sweet smell of ripe peaches and creamy vanilla.
    • Sweet Coconut Milk: Sweet and mellow, with notes of toasted coconut, creamy vanilla, and a splash of musk.
    • Tangerine + Currant: A strong, tart fragrance. Mellow citrus aroma of tangerine with the tart tang of ripe currant.
    • Blackberry Vanilla: A gentle blend of blackberries and vanilla.
    • Coriander + Tonka Bean: You might call this the Laurel/Yanny candle. Some people say it smells bright and lemony-tart, like Smarties or SweeTarts candies. Other people say it smells sweet and creamy like butterscotch or vanilla. Which do you smell?

    And in case you missed it, we redesigned our labels to let the candle show through more add a hint of color for each new fragrance. They’re all available for purchase in our store along with all our holiday classics like Birch & Mulled Cider or White Pine and Red Currant.

    Don’t miss out!

    2015 State of the Gardn

    This was a big year for the Gardner family.

    We moved from Pennsylvania to Upstate New York, started a little family farm, and launched our small, home-based candle business.

    Most of the success I’ve had in life has come because of the generosity of others, so I wanted to give back with some transparency. Hopefully, this “behind-the-scenes” look at starting our home business will be helpful to anyone thinking about doing something similar.

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    The Thankful Gardner

    In our first week online, we sold more than 20 candles (and that’s not counting the more than 50 we sold wholesale). Many of those orders came from good friends and family, so Jessica and I just wanted to take a moment on this day of Thanksgiving and say… thank you!

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