Let’s All Celebrate Early!

Autumn Sunset

For years, Jesse’s had a reputation as a Scrooge at our house because he wouldn’t allow anyone to play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. But this year, he’s had a change of heart. We can safely say that 2020 has been a rough year for all of us, so he’s decided to give up that fight and proclaim loudly: let’s all start the celebrations early this year!

We’ve got several candles that might help you through the winter ahead, like Autumn on the Hudson — a spicy kick of gingerbread and falling leaves, tamed by the sweet smell of ripe apples and pumpkin pie. We wanted to capture the nostalgic smells of fall — the harvest festivals, the hayrides, the nippy apple picking afternoons — all the things we New Yorkers associate with Autumn.

It’s a really lovely way to keep harvest-y thoughts alive, even in a bleak 2020 midwinter. (Don’t forget, these candles burn for over 60 hours!)

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