New Labels, New Scents

New Scents

We’ve always been proud of our carefully selected fragrance line-up, but we felt like the time was right for mixing things up a bit. We introduced the following new scents:

  • Christmas Thyme: A strong, cinnamon opening note with all sorts of subtle undertones that follow — fresh thyme, bayberries, and a hint of pine needles.
  • Black Currant Tea: A light fragrance carrying hints of sweet black tea and honey, fruity currant, and bright bergamot. A good choice for people who avoid heavily-scented candles or for smaller areas that might benefit from a lighter scent.
  • Honey Bourbon Pear: A sweet, fruity fragrance. The sweetness of fresh pear with subtle hints of sugar and booze.
  • Bergamot + Ginger: A unique fragrance that balances the mellow citrus overtones of bergamot, the sharp accents of fresh ginger, and subtle hints of sandalwood and basil.
  • The Empire State: The quintessential apple smell. And ode to our home state of New York.
  • Peaches + Cream: The thick, sweet smell of ripe peaches and creamy vanilla.
  • Sweet Coconut Milk: Sweet and mellow, with notes of toasted coconut, creamy vanilla, and a splash of musk.
  • Tangerine + Currant: A strong, tart fragrance. Mellow citrus aroma of tangerine with the tart tang of ripe currant.
  • Blackberry Vanilla: A gentle blend of blackberries and vanilla.
  • Coriander + Tonka Bean: You might call this the Laurel/Yanny candle. Some people say it smells bright and lemony-tart, like Smarties or SweeTarts candies. Other people say it smells sweet and creamy like butterscotch or vanilla. Which do you smell?

And in case you missed it, we redesigned our labels to let the candle show through more add a hint of color for each new fragrance. They’re all available for purchase in our store along with all our holiday classics like Birch & Mulled Cider or White Pine and Red Currant.

Don’t miss out!

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